UCI Student Life & Leadership

Leadership & Identity Classes

Fall 2019

A flyer for THRIVE@UCI, a 10 week course that helps students adjust to UCI.


THRIVE@UCI is a 1.3 unit class in the Fall to help students succeed in their first year at UC Irvine. We invite all first-year and transfer students to participate in this class as they transition to UCI and learn how to thrive on campus. This class introduces on-campus resources to our students and college-readiness skills to help students build a strong foundation to their start at UCI!
A flyer for CONNECT@UCI, a fall class for incoming students to connect with current students.


CONNECT@UCI is a 1.3 unit class in the Fall to help students get connected with peer mentor and explore their leadership potential. At CSL, we believe one important aspect of practicing leadership is building relationships. This class is an environment that is ran by students, for students. Each student enrolled gains a mentor who was previously a SPOP staffer. CONNECT@UCI is a great course for students who are looking for community, mentorship, and insight on who they are as a leader.
A flyer for Healthy Masculinity, which will be offered on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in Fall.

Healthy Masculinity

The Healthy Masculinity course is designed to discuss what Healthy Masculinity can look like. This course is open to all UCI students, of any gender identity, and will offer an opportunity to critically interrogate traditional definitions of masculinity and attempt to identify healthier and more authentic ways of being and connecting with others. 

Winter 2020

A flyer for LEAD @ UCI, a winter quarter class to build foundational leadership skills.


LEAD@UCI is 1.3 class credit opportunity for all students to explore themselves as leaders and learn how to get involved on campus. This course is a dedicated space to develop and practice leadership skills. From learning about Strengths, to Public Speaking, and Mock-Interviews, LEAD@UCI hopes to empower students to discover the leaders that they are!

** You do not need to take THRIVE@UCI to be enrolled in LEAD@UCI, nor do they need to be taken in the same year.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea M. Reyes at andreamr@uci.edu.
A flyer for the Identity Exploration Series, listing different courses and class times.

Racial Justice Allyship Seminar

The Center for Student Leadership is proud to be a campus partner with the Cross-Cultural Center, which hosts a series of courses on Identity Exploration. The Identity Exploration Series features 1.3 unit classes that help students delve deep into their identities, who they are, and how they make meaning of their experiences in both a personal and leadership context. 

The course that CSL contributes to the Identity Exploration Series is the Racial Justice Allyship Seminar. In this seminar, students will learn how to develop concrete and practical ways to promote social justice in their daily lives. Together, this class community will reflect on ways to create and contribute to social change and explore the roles they play as allies to individuals who experience marginalization.

If you are hoping to join the course, please email mike knox at mikeknox@uci.edu for the authorization code.