UCI Student Life & Leadership

Student Life & Leadership Departments


Student Life & Leadership is a family of departments featured below. We support the intellectual, personal, social and professional development of all students. Student Life & Leadership offers education and skill development opportunities that enhance academic success and prepare students for their leadership roles in a diverse, dynamic, and global society. Learn more about our SLL family below.

Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct (AISC)

The Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct (AISC) is responsible for ensuring that students comply with and understand university policies related to academic integrity and student conduct by promoting student learning and development.

Office of Campus Organizations

The Office of Campus Organizations enriches student involvement through outreach, education, and support. Campus Organizations provides students with the necessary information and resources to pursue their organizational goals.

Center for Black Cultures, Resources, and Research

The Center for Black Cultures, Resources, and Research is a new center dedicated to being a resource for our Black students.

Cross-Cultural Center (CCC)

The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) at UCI is dedicated to creating and maintaining a socially just campus, fostering the cultural identities within our community, and providing opportunities for intellectual exchange, leadership development, and community engagement.

Office of the Dean of Students (DOS)

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) staff is comprised of Dr. Rameen Talesh and his support staff along with staff from the Office of Student Conduct.  It is part of the Student Life and Leadership family of departments, which is an organizational branch of Student Affairs.

Greek Life

Greek Life works with students to create an inclusive environment that challenges members to develop into leaders who uphold the values, oaths, and commitments of their collegiate fraternal organization at UC Irvine.

International Center (IC)

The International Center (IC) advances and facilitates international engagement at UCI to enhance the academic and personal experience of the international community. The International Center staff is committed to serving campus constituents through advising, immigration services, programming, advocacy, and outreach.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC)

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC) provides support, education, and advocacy from an intersectional perspective regarding sexual orientation/attraction and gender identity for the UC Irvine Campus Community.

New Student and Leadership Programs (NSLP)

The Center for Student Leadership (CSL) creates programs to help transition and engage students into campus life and encourages students to become well-rounded leaders. CSL strives to empower all UCI students to become leaders and make positive change in their communities.


The Veteran Services Center provides veterans, reservists, active-duty members and dependents assistance in obtaining the educational benefits to which they are entitled.

Volunteer Programs focuses on providing opportunities for students to participate in community engagement.


The Womxn's Hub (W-Hub) aims to advance equality and access to resources for all women, across lines of ethnicity, gender identity, religion, orientation and social class. We want to accomplish this by promoting community consciousness, social justice initiatives and individual growth for all women at UCI.