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Anteater Leadership Summit

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Student high-fiving at the event

The Anteater Leadership Summit is an annual leadership conference open to all students- UCI and beyond! This summit is an all-day experience for students to learn about professional development, diversity, inclusion, and leadership. Student leaders, university professionals, and local organizations across Southern California join the Anteater Leadership Summit as facilitators offering unique workshops.

Date: January 24, 2020

Time: 9:30 am - 3 pm

Cost: FREE

Snack provided throughout the day. Lunch is NOT provided.


Featured Workshops

Workshop Session 1

The Game of Spades - A Conversation of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Privilege

Brandon Palmore | Indiana University - Bloomington

This presentation aims to use the card game “Spades” and its rules in order to metaphorically address Diversity, Inclusion & Equity issues that face campuses/communities. This presentation engages the audience in a casual card game, and the interactions of the game are used as conversation points in order to address larger social and communal issues.

Beyond the Books

Frances Caron | UC Riverside

Interpersonal relationships and communication are critical when working and interacting with others. Gain a fundamental understanding of your role in the communication process. This interactive presentation will explore how interpersonal relationships, communication, and conflict are essential to your personal and professional development. 

Understanding Intersectionality to Eliminate Discrimination

Stacey Strubhar | California State Univeristy, San Marcos

Learn about intersectionality and how it can lead to or eliminate discrimination. An interactive activity will allow attendees to learn about and reflect their own identities as well as the identities of others. They will learn how to appreciate and incorporate their differences and how this can impact our diverse world.

Is Graduate School for You? Empowering Minorities Through the Perspectives of First-Generation Masters Students

Raphael Natividad & Kelly Chu | UC Irvine

Choosing to further your education can lead to a fulfilling professional career. However, deciding to pursue graduate school is not an easy decision to make. Take the steps to decide if a graduate degree is right for you through reflection and connection. Presenters will empower participants in their decision making by discussing strategies to help clarify individual goals and to develop new professional relationships.

Workshop Session 2

Get Involved! Campus Organization Leadership Panel

The objective of this session is to better understand how campus organizations’ board members keep their general body members engaged. Sometimes organizations have difficulty keeping their members engaged and face problems general body members in organizations do not see. With a student panel, attendees will be able to ask questions and receive answers from students who have overcome the hurdles of leading organizations.

On Being Authentic and Vulnerable

Dave Crafts | Pacific Oaks College

This workshop will be a combination of story-telling through the lens of one person and group activities to encourage participants to bring their entire self to campus by exploring authenticity and learning the benefits of vulnerability.

Filter Free: Transforming Uncertainty and Failure into Your Interview Strength

Hai Truong | UC Irvine

The pressure to be perfect, hard working, and tireless in the pursuit of excellence can be terrifying. You may fear your unpolished self from showing too. You can't help but be a human being -- so lean into the imperfections of your journey and take control of the narrative.

Wealth: More Than Money

Gina Waneis & Gabriela Dupree | California State University, Fullerton

When we think about capital, it is natural to think of money. In this session, we will explore six forms of capital students of color hold. We shift the focus from a deficit view and instead focus on their cultural assets and wealth communities hold. This session will include case studies, group activities, and small group discussions.

Workshop Session 3

Leadership & Applied Improvisation

Percival Guevarra | UC Irvine

This session will introduce improvisational theatre’s principles through improv activities. Each activity will highlight a different principle that will be debriefed so participants can adapt and transfer these activities to their own contexts. All activities will focus on identifying ambiguity, collaborating with others, and building towards a sustainable solution organically.

Why Fad Diets?

Lenard Glenn Malunes & Trang Truong | UC Irvine

The diet industry is a billion-dollar business that continues to grown along with the obesity epidemic. Learn how fad diets can be more harmful than helpful and discuss how body image, social media and marketing play a role in the popularity of these diets.

Your Digital Self: Curating a Critical Digital Identity as a Student Leader

Christopher Perez | Compton College

In today’s world, digital identity has become increasingly important when being considered for educational and professional opportunities. Curating a digital identity can set you apart, demonstrating both your tech-savviness and your commitment to engaging in critical dialogues and issues. Learn how to critically curate and cultivate a digital identity through a variety of social media.

All-University Leadership Conference: A Follow-Up [CANCELLED]

This session serves a space to follow-up with students who presented on various campus climate hot topics such as issues within the residence halls, the accessibility of feminine hygiene products, safety in on-campus parking structures, diversity and inclusion on campus, + more! Students will debrief and share how they have continued to push for campus action and change since the All-University Leadership Conference while also garnering further support from students and staff who may not have been at the All-U. 

Networking Session

During this time, students, presenters, and UC staff will have time to connect, exchange ideas and have an opportunity to grow your network. Make new connections for your future & enjoy hot appetizers!