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AntLeader Spotlight

November, 2016

Qumber Ali

Qumber Ali
Biological Sciencea
Upland, CA

UCI Involvements:
ASUCI Academic Senator, Ayala School of Biological Sciences Peer Academic Advisor, Bio Sci 2A Freshman Seminar T.A., Dr. Anne Calof Research Group, Indian Subcontinental Club, Mesa Court Resident Advisor, Saving Hearts Foundation Volunteer, UCI Medical Center Volunteer

What’s one word you’d use to describe yourself and why?
A word that I believe defines myself is devoted. For years, I have been passionate about pursuing a career in the field of medicine, so I may help others in need of proper medical treatment in underprivileged areas. Since entering college, I have made it my primary focus to become an active member on campus, involving myself in organizations that cater to helping others and the health sciences.

What are you passionate about?
My two professional and personal passions revolve around the notion of helping people: medicine and politics. With medicine, you are able to help individuals with their ailments. Politics, on the other hand, allows you to design and structure legislation to address entire populations.

Who are your role models?
I have always looked up to my father and my brother. My parents immigrated to the U.S. to provide better opportunities for my brother and I. That especially came at a cost for my father who had to work numerous jobs and experienced much hardship, including a failing business. My brother, 10 years older than me, set as good an example as anyone could while I was growing up. He fueled my passion for higher education and serving others.

What’s one of the biggest accomplishments you’ve experienced at UCI?
After being apart of the Calof laboratory for nearly 3 years, the project our team was working on was published and I was given acknowledgment for my work and participation.

How has UCI impacted you as a leader?
Entering into UC Irvine I knew I was passionate about helping others, often times before I helped myself. It wasn’t until my third year when I actually found my niche through Peer Academic Advising. This opportunity, along with my many other involvements, revealed a compassion to help fellow students in their time of need. With this opportunity, I wanted to narrow my focus on first year student experience, which is why I became a Bio Sci TA and a Resident Advisor in Mesa Court. The resources and experiences that UC Irvine have provided have given me the confidence to become a devoted and confident leader. I hope to use these traits in a career in the medical field.