UCI Student Life & Leadership

Social Media

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Follow Student Life & Leadership online. Below are the official Social Media websites to help make information more accessible to you.

Student Life & Leadership

Facebook: facebook.com/UCIStudentLife

Twitter: twitter.com/UCIStudentLife

Instagram: instagram.com/UCIStudentLife

Dean of Students [Office of the]

Twitter: twitter.com/DeanRameen

Instagram: instagram.com/DeanRameen

Campus Organizations [Office of]

Facebook: facebook.com/UCICampusOrgs

Twitter: twitter.com/UCICampusOrgs

Instagram: instagram.com/UCICampusOrgs

Cross-Cultural Center

Facebook: facebook.com/UCIrvineCCC

Instagram: instagram.com/ucicrossculturalcenter

Greek Life

Facebook: facebook.com/UCIGreek

Twitter: twitter.com/UCIGreekLife

International Center

Facebook: facebook.com/UCIInternationalCenter

Twitter: twitter.com/UCIIntlCenter

Instagram: instagram.com/UCIIntlCenter

YouTube: youtube.com/UCIIntlCenter

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC)

Facebook: facebook.com/ucilgbtrc

Twitter: twitter.com/UCIrvine_LGBTRC

New Student & Leadership Programs and Orientation Programs

(SLL social media accounts)

Academic Integrity & Student Conduct [Office of]

(SLL social media accounts)

Veteran Services

Facebook: facebook.com/UCIVetServices

W-Hub (Womxn's Hub)

Facebook: facebook.com/whubatuci